Awesome experience, was very patient with changes.

Michael Blackhurst / Logo Design

Great guy. Would highly recommend his work. Very approachable and reasonable rates.

Rick Vassallo / 2x Web Design

John has proven to be indispensable and reliable when it comes to website design and hosting. I highly recommend John for any website work as his contribution and insights are much sought after. I could not have done my websites without his valuable input. Very knowledgeable and professional individual to work with. His prices are very competitive and lower than I would have expected. I recommend John highly to anyone for website development, thank you

Radio KLFF
/ Music Therapist

John has shown an ability to be very attentive and very insightful when it comes to the formulation of websites. My company is U-turn Consulting and he’s been very instrumental in its overall visibility and success. I highly recommend John and his abilities.

Ken Heath / 3x Web Design & Hosting

Great person, works real quick and provides a great service, I 100% recommend him to anyone who needs a website.

MZ Shaikh / Freelancer